Dominic Blanco is a former professional baseball player turned expert physical trainer and entrepreneur. In the pursuit of becoming an elite athlete, he poured himself into learning, practicing and applying every inch of available knowledge into strength training and became obsessed with the practice. He’s dedicated to conquering fitness and unlocking that same greatness in others. He Co-Founded APE. and Do It For Kids Foundation with the vision of bringing together a collective of individuals working in concert to bring athletes the most advanced training experience in the world. APE. consist of trainers, doctors, event curators, producers and sponsors, unified in the pursuit of an unrivaled experience for professional athletes. Dom is also driven to provide children the opportunity and resources to help them realize their athletic potential. Do It For Kids Foundation was founded on the belief that a child’s ability to play a sport should be based on one thing: desire. Not access, not means, not zip code. We come together to ensure that the future generation of ball players from the inner-city to the suburbs, can always get on the field.


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